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Hey guys!

I had a mate try to disassemble my MCS one day to look for the overheating issue, as he did that he broke the water pump which crumpled in his hand, we of course replaced this the next day, and put it back together in the dark.

The next morning it was making all sorts of noises, 2 or 3 power surges on start-up, 5 pressure related codes, and sounds like it's running on 2 cylinders (Or like some top-fuel drag car)

that's besides the point unless you know a bit about it, but I decided to take it apart once more and put it back together properly, as I was doing that, I decided to inspect the water pump he broke to see if it was put back properly, but then I noticed this sort of plate with a gear inside of it connected to the supercharger that the water pump connects too (Pictures listed) and it had 2 halves or a circle, and so did the water pump, obviously they should connect in-between each other, but on the plate one of the quarter circles was broken off, I don't know if that's been there forever, whether he's broken it off, whether it fixes the pressure issues or overheating, but I do know it shouldn't be there.

Should I replace this asap and see if it starts, and also is there anything else I could check about the issues?
IS anyone selling this bit or can I find it somewhere without having to buy a supercharger for £300 odd quid.



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