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The car only does this when I’m going into reverse, and sometimes when pulling forward in a parking lot but I’ve noticed it’s mainly in reverse.
mall electrical, power steering, lights everything Thats electrical will shut down, gauges will peg out to bottom start clicking, engine is still running, it will make a ding and everything will turn back on and I will slowly get my power steering back. When it does this when I’m parking it will sometimes kill all power to the car, the interior lights Will click like they’re turning on but no power, can’t unlock the car unless opening the door(happened with a trunk full of groceries I couldn’t access one time that sucked)
Then moments later lights and power will come back like nothing ever happened.
Battery is new, haven’t checked alternator but while I’m driving it’s perfect it’s just when I come to stop go into reverse wheels turn to park then power is lost.

thanks for any help, was considering doing that ecu reset thing but if I shouldn’t please let me know. Thank you.
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