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Forgive me if I seem to be asking the obvious, but when is the 2005 model year launch?

until today, I have believed that the changes seen on the september 54 plate cars (UK) signified that the 2005 model year started 01 September 2004.

However, on the TopGear website, they mentioned a 'minor' facelift in September, with a new model due in December. Thsi weeks Auto Express article on the Mini Moke, also contains a small box outlining some of the changes set to feature when the 2005 model yea launches to quote:

"Other upgrades for the 2005 range will include a new closer-ratio five-speed gearbox, plus a slightly revised interior, featuring wider door bins and an additional cup holder, which will clip into the side of the console.

I have recently placed an order for November delivery, will i be getting a 2005 model year car, or would i need to wait for it?

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I've just read that in Auto Express too.

I'm thinking of getting a Cooper S for march 1st delivery :eek: , then after reading that article it's made me wonder if i should wait for these new features.

I think normaly though the new model years are always availible before the actual year itself.


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05 models started production in July (earlier for convertibles-but some owners still got the old cd player)
Of some confusion are implementation of other 05 features later such as the limited slip differential in Jan (?March) option for the cooper s.
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