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Good Morning everyone!

I am helping a friend fix his 2006 Mini Cooper S John Cooper. Production date is 2006/11

Last spring he had the code P1125 & P1229 and the car went into limp mode. After doing a little research I decided to remove the air box and perform a visual inspection of the TB connector and wiring harness. I then reassembled everything and it seemed to have solved the problem.

A few months later the same problem developed. I removed and cleaned the connections, reassembled, and it seems to be running fine again.

From the information I’ve found so far the throttle body issue was supposed to be solved in 2003 so I don’t suspect that. I’ve also learned the wiring harnesses were assembled using cheap connectors and suspect that might be the problem. I did read that there was an area were the harness would rub against the cylinder head but I’m not clear of that exact location. I have done a good inspection of the harness and don’t see any damage or chafing. When I closely inspected the TB connector I couldn’t see any corrosion or damage. Everything looked to be in great shape.

My questions are
1) What exactly is different on the new and improved wiring harness? To me it would make more sense to just solder and heat shrink a new connector for the TB instead of spending the time and money on replacing the entire harness. Or am I missing something here?
2) Does anyone know where I can find a replacement connector for the TB?
3) Or could the temporary repair be related to me having the battery or computer disconnected while I did the inspection?

Thank you for any information that anyone might be able to shed on this problem.

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What did you find out?
Or ask your friend?

I just sold a 2006 R50 (not supercharged) to a friend last night with the same two codes:

And I'm hoping he can get it sorted out easily.

Mini said the throttle body and a wiring harness needed to be replaced (both),
but frankly, you sound like you know more what you're talking about than they did.

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Hi I have shared on the site my solution to same symptoms same model as yours, replace bypass control valve , and Tmap sensor, and map sensor, sadly code reader doesn't pick up bypass control valve , it has a known failure on our model causes loss of power and car just drops into limp mode, also I replaced all leads as they were cracked , good luck my car drives like new now.
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