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2006 R52 Cranks but wont start! Also the check engine light is not on! PLEASE HELP ASAP!

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I have a 2006 R52 that cranks but it wont start. The check engine light is not on, it works but its not coming on to indicate and engine faults, so what may be the problem? Also I thought about replacing the fuel pump relay, but if that was the problem, wouldn't the check engine light come on?
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guess you have enough fuel in it, just being devils advocate as if had a faulty fuel gauge sender unit reading more than is in it as such, another thing would be the vac pipe from inlet of supercharger ie the drivers side alloy horn part that goes to the cooler on top in behind this there is a small solid pipe vac feed to fuel rail pressure switch these can crack stop fuel to injectors and dont tend to give a eml,, failing this need to scan it as there will me P-codes stored dealer only codes not all scanners will read these,,
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Thanks, so if it was the relay switch would the check engine light come on?
eml light tends to be more emissions based to switch on as such so chances are no light but will have a stored code within ecu and like said before not all scanners with read the ecu p-codes
will add this these eobd scanner s will read all and will also code and work on most cars on road and under £50 1, and the best for live data and easy use 1, AUTOCOM CDP PLUS, 2, WOW WURTH SNOOPER RAC USE THIS, 3, INSTA D BMW OWN DIAGNOSTICS ON EBAY 5 DISC SET £70 ISH 4 CARLY APP I HAVE NEVER OWNED OR USED THE LAST ONE AS NOT PROFESSIONAL ENOUGH FOR MY USES.
or if want same sort of diagnostic and needs to be a good brand then snap on diagnostics start used prices around £600 to £4000,, or delphi diagnostics £2000 up front plus a monthly sub charge etc,, this said the above cheap stuff all work good enough to diagnose most things and on garage professional levels etc,
Ever figure out the issue. Mine is doing same thing ???
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