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2007 Cooper Clubman. Where is the fuel filter?

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Hi All

I was going to replace the fuel filter today on my 2007 Cooper Clubman, but when I removed the plate under the seat, there is no filter there. The top of the tank is just flat. Is there a filter on this model?

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Have no idea if Clubman is the same as the other R56

None of the pictures or videos I've seen in the internet look like my car. They all have the filter under the right hand side cover.
At first I thought what he has should just be the regular tank and look something like this.
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Then I started thinking maybe it was a diesel but not that's too new.
Then I really started wondering what the heck am I looking at. is it one of these.
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Ah ha I found it his fuel tank is one of these.
And would probably have to be removed.
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I've had the pump out and there is no filter in there, just the strainer on the suction side. I've traced the pipe from the pump outlet to the fuel rail. As far as I can see the is no filter.
There is no separate fuel filter on uk petrol R56/55 Mini Cooper, but there is on the Mini Cooper S version
All I know is I am gonna change some things on my Mini S this coming year. Some things just need a practical approach. In the higher sense of course.
For example this situation here on this thread. Problems locating a fuel filter.
It is the best idea to install one. I know mine gets dirty like crazy after about 60 thousand miles. But I would have to do research. Check out how the fuel lines are made. And power of fuel pump. Looks like some racers locate a high dollar fuel filter in front of there rear drivers tire. Fuel. Not exactly where I would start using Earl's automotive AN8 type fittings on in a modern vehicle.
But in a practical sense standing back from the issue it would seem to need one.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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