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2007 Mini Convertible Cooper S (R52) Electrical Issues

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The Car was brought in 2008, but has largely been stored undercover with minimal running (once every two weeks it was taken for a drive) since 2009 (it has done 44000km), while we were overseas. It has been serviced by Mini prior to us coming back to Australia and since we have been back.

We have started to experience significant issues as follows

1) Fuel gauge went to completely empty with the red light symbol on the gauge even though the tank has just be completely filled.

2) One indicator stayed on ticking and lighting up even after it had been turned off

3) then the indicator light and ticking stopped altogether on both sides

4) then both indicators went off and would not come back on

5) Air con started to blow out hot air and turn on and off.

6) Ipod playing suddenly switched to the radio without pressing any buttons

7) CD playing suddenly switched to the radio without pressing any buttons

8) central locking stopped working (used the key manually to lock)

9) brake lights stayed on even after the engine was off and doors locked

10) Windows and soft top started operating by themselves.

11) Power Steering no longer seems to work.

I have had the RAC come out twice to assist getting the car started. They believe its an issue with one of the car components draining power from the battery (while off and on) and creating intermittent power to the various devices powered by the battery when it does drive.

I have read many internet comments about various issues similar to this. BC unit (moisture?), Alternator, Electrical Plug at base of drivers door, Loose connections, corroded wiring? Any assistance in pointing to a likely solution would be appreciated?

Does this model have any international recalls around these type of faults that I can take some direction from?

PS – The current battery was replaced less than two years ago.

Your help and comments are appreciated.
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Any major electrical issues check the car battery is good and the terminal are tight.
8) central locking stopped working (used the key manually to lock)
Make's want to ask the question about the time frame all this occurred?
Aside of that question which would help in the direction one could take with answering what may be
a underlying problem.
I would try pulling the instrument cluster fuse(F30 or seven up from the bottom in the middle row of fuses,F5 fifth one down from the top on the left hand row of fuses,F21 three down from the top of the middle row of fuses; all in the passenger fusebox) and putting it back in. or somehow check the connection to the fusebox. The whole thing is pointing to a instrument cluster problem. instrument control unit issue is where I would focus on if everything else shows remarkable.
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This is another thing to check my response on this thread.
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