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Hello mini community, i recently bought this Mini Cooper S 07 after my 03 Mini was totaled outside my house as i slept.
so far this car is giving me more problems then any car ive ever owned in my small 20 years (4 cars :p not alot)

Ive had my fair share of fun with mini and wanted to keep going but now im tired so someone please help.

Im in the process of fixing the timing chain just waiting for the parts to come in the mail.
but today while driving i shifted out of 6th gear into neutral coasted to the redlight from 45 to 0 full stop and then my Engine Oil light came on RED
now it was very confusing to me why it came on. Because 1 week ago i got a oil leak in the trans seal fixed and had a FULL oil change and had a shop keep the car for a extra 2 days to drive it and check for leaks and it was all good. and since this has happened it seems every time i shift out of gear into N the oil light will chime and show but go away im hoping this isnt going to kill the car but i just want to know if anyone else has had this problem becasue i cant find nothing about this on youtube or Mini Maniac.

ive also ran codes on the car and nothing comes up that could be crazy its just small things like sunroof problems becasue i dont have it connected (hardtop)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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