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Hello all,

I have searched about for this with little success so here goes. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read. I will try and be concise:

I have recently bought a pre-owned 2007 Mini One. I have bought a USB adapter for the Cigarette Lighter only to find the socket doesn't seem to work.

Have searched about and have been told that the fuse is F32.... Then F44...shows the horn in the fuse box. Nope. Have looked at the diagram in the cover of the footwell and there is no icon for cigarette lighter at all.

Have also discovered there are slots which are empty but the cover shows they should not be. The cover shows an icon that I cannot identify. The slots are F2, F4, F41. The picture is like some kind of curved pipe (?) with a knob on the end!!

I am confused and now aware this isn't cigarette lighter does not work and I want to check the fuse. The manual is no use at all. Does the cigarette lighter have a conventional fuse?!

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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