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Hello everyone new here.

Purchased a 2008 S Turbo a couple days ago with 92,000 miles. All seemed fine at first. Only issue I found was a P2402 code (Evap Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit High). It passed emissions on the 19th of May so I am still able to register the car. Today I drove it as usual an hour into driving it the car's clutch began to clunk and the gear grinded as I'm putting it in 3rd.

I pull over and luckily seconds away from a buddy's shop. He's a used car dealership. This was early in the morning before he was there so I left it there until he arrived. I get there explain the situation and he recommended I take it to another shop 2 minutes down the road for a proper inspection. The car's clutch "bubbles", or better put vibrates and makes noise -- semi grinds when you put it into gear but drives once in. Same phenomena occurs when you're switching to 2nd and 3rd but only during transitions.

Several hours pass and the shop says it needs a new clutch and flywheel. I always thought if the car slipped while in gear that the issue could possibly be a flywheel. I have zero experience with Mini's and thought I'd buy one for an occasional ride with her. I've tried to look for the parts but cannot seem to find the appropriate clutch/fly kit. Any stories or recommendations would be incredibly appreciated!

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