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Hello everyone, this is my first post so be kind :eeksurprise:

I have had my MCS 2008 clubman 85000 miles for around 4 months and it's recently developed a loud ticking noise from the engine which can old be described as sounding like a tractor or really old diesel car. The ticking gets faster as RPM is increased. The noise is coming from the general engine area, not any specific side of the engine.

I took my car into a garage today to see if they had any idea what was causing the noise. The mechanic (who seemed extremely knowledgeable) having fixed many mini timing chains said he had never heard this noise on a mini before and it doesn't sound as though it is the timing chain or tensioner. He thinks it sounds as though it is a tappet that is not functioning causing the ticking, and also could have damaged the cam shaft. He said worst case if it is tappets he would change all 16 as when your in there might as well, also says all bolts for rocker need replaced and seals and also replace the whole timing chain, tensioner, guides etc. Costing between £1000-2000 :crying::crying:

I was just wondering if anyone has experience problems with tappets on their mini or if you have any idea what else the noise could be, or anything I could try to relieve the issue.

Look forward to any replies, will try to get. Video uploaded if I can work out how to do that! Thanks in advance!!
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