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Hi there.
My sons Mini Cooper D suddenly wouldn’t go into gear after suddenly grinding at first and he could not pusH the clutch pedal down to start the car.
A mobile mechanic came out and thought it might be the clutch cylinder. He emptied the hydraulic fluid and then said no it wasn’t that ! He then disappeared and never came back, leaving the slave cylinder without any fluid !!
Since emptying the fluid the clutch pedal will now go down to the floor and the car will start but obviously no gears.
Can someone PLEASE advise me what it might be. Wondering if the clutch itself needs replacing.
My son bought his Mini with money he inherited from his grandfather who passed away late last year so the car is precious to him. He literally only had it for 2 weeks before the gears went.
I am after some solid advice so have joined the forum for some help please everyone.
Thank you in advance.
Nic Cooper
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