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2009 mini Cooper S beeps when convertible top is down. Any idea?

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2009 mini Cooper S beeps when convertible top is down. Any idea? There is a soft beeping when the convertible top is down I have no idea why. Seems like the convertible top is resting firmly in the rear position.
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need to scan it see which sensor has not tripped most likely reason,, the systems have sensors that note where the hood is and travel etc,, hope fully just one of these sensors at fault and not a bcm issue or roof ecu or pump unit but need to have a scanner to see what is seeing what if that makes sense, also if hood pivots and stops are worn or some get bent with age your in a world of pain,, its worth finding all the sensors and pivots and oil them etc
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Thanks mike1967 , your talking over my head a bit. Lol. Scan with OBD scanner?
ok so i have been working on cars 35 years or more now also 4 years of training years a go and even i get stumped with these convertible roofs and their workings, its near impossible to find whats wrong without a diagnostics tool to plug in to car and read what the roof is not doing,, a cheap generic obd scanner wont read it,, must be factory code reader bmw own diagnostic tool is called insta d you can buy them on ebay for around £80 but are complicated to understand even when you have the know how,,, prob best bet you have is tak it to a bmw/mini approved garage and get them to read the car see what codes spring up
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