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2009 r56, key in, no ignition, help plz

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Evenin all, I've searched the forum's and can't find the bit I need help with,
Worked fine, all of a sudden after being sat few weeks.
Locks and unlocks, put key in dash and nothing, DEAD, doesn't release steering lock, had battery on charge, even had jump leads on it from my other car as someone mentioned low battery voltage, any help much appreciated.
Mechanic for 35+ yrs but baffled at mo
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fwiw, have you tried disconnecting the battery from the car for a few minutes?

(I presume you tried both key fobs)
cas unit or bcm issue maybe have you had anything apart while parked up, could battery have just gone open circuit from lack of use, maybe swap out another battery rule it out, fully charged battery should have 12.8v...... 12.2v and under is flat on standing voltage,, ie battery charged for 10 hours then unplug it leave it for hour then test standing voltage,
Thanks for reply, have tried another battery off my other car, worked fine 2weeks ago, was stood for. 18months, jumped it, ran all day, have moved it few weeks ago and fine, all earth points checked, all fuses checked, I think I've checked the lot unless something I've overlooked
need to scan it look at bcm and cas unit, the cas unit is under the top piece of dashboard drivers side i have seen them get spiked before from flat battery and jump leads and when do its total shut down get nothing as its part of key and security and the bcm gets signal for the main relay that allows car to come off sleep as such, without diagnostics will be a hard one to work out from sounds of it you have done what i would of to that point,
My reader only works if the if ignition on?
Been messing, when key inserted the stop start button does light up?, hear a faint buzz for a sec, still not unlocking steering lock or putting ignition on, could this be the key reader?
stick a battery charger on it while turning ignition on, put a jump lead from neg battery to engine this will check the earths to them both can also do same to car body, see if ,makes a difference
Previously when key inserted, it clunks releasing steering lock, it's not getting to that point, just seems wierd, only done 30k and not worn or dirty, tried yet another battery diesel 600cca ) same,
Usually when key fob inserted it unlocks steering, it's not doing that, could it be that daft key reader?
try rocking the steering wheel from side to side see if releases as put key in and button etc
is it lack of power or lack steering lock undoing below link might help,, have know cas units due to flat battery and over time to just loose the programming, below is worth a punt it should reset the ecu's and any confusion they might have maybe,
How to reset all ecu's

this procedure is called a power latch

firstly turn on the ignition not engine running,
open bonnet remove battery positive lead and then turn off ignition.
then touch the positive lead to earth,this powers down all ecus and resets erasing intermittent faults in the process.then reconnect the battery lead.
if the vehicle doesnt start straight away leave the ignition on for 2-3 mins as it has gone into anti scanning mode.

upon starting the vehicle DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE allow vehicle to idle until cooling fans cut in to allow the engine ecu to reset correctly and reprogramme the learning curve,then drive in all gears upto 4,000 rpm accellerating steadily.

as stated this resets all ecus so any electrical faults caused by conflict errors in programming will be erased and fixed.if the fault is still evident there is a problem that will need further diagnosis
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could also plug key in to the slot leave battery charge on the car for 2-5 hours this should recharge the key if gone flat then lock and unlock car with fob might pare it up again if lost its rolling codes maybe ie would effect cas unit and its function
also below link might useful could do with scanning it see if have a cas related code link in the link
could car have got wet or damp when parked up was there any mould insides if so maybe a connection or bcm or cas unit got wet corroded something .. think your at that point diagnostics and see what flags up, or auto electrician prob a good bet with the gear to play with bcm and cas and key rolling codes etc specialist job even get to point with stuff where need the next level,,
No, bone dry, no damp, no corrosion, was fine, only been sat a fortnight, last time t was sat 18months, jumpers to n it n fired
scan it see what you got all you can do hopefully something will flag up
New battery still same, earth's good, resistances good, still not recognising key in slot, ribbon ok on keyreader, can't find clutch switch but surely that wouldn't stop ignition coming on, just stops cranking, ???
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