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2009 r56, key in, no ignition, help plz

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Evenin all, I've searched the forum's and can't find the bit I need help with,
Worked fine, all of a sudden after being sat few weeks.
Locks and unlocks, put key in dash and nothing, DEAD, doesn't release steering lock, had battery on charge, even had jump leads on it from my other car as someone mentioned low battery voltage, any help much appreciated.
Mechanic for 35+ yrs but baffled at mo
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I'm edging towards immobiliser, anyone know reset??
New battery still same, earth's good, resistances good, still not recognising key in slot, ribbon ok on keyreader, can't find clutch switch but surely that wouldn't stop ignition coming on, just stops cranking, ???
key reader is all part of cas/ewls unit they are known to just give up, cas unit is where the signal starts from after the button to bcm to starter solenoid. have seen many on here with same issue and found cas unit and lost code between it and key and bcm. i tend to avoid these faults as specialist gear needed, BBA REMEN repair them or would give more info
did you sort this? I had a similar issue but had the red steering lock warning. I read that the lock has a counter that counts operations that are too slow. When a max count is reached car is immobilised. I reset the elv counter using Bmw ista and got started. Them I fitted an elv emulator instead of connecting the motor.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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