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Hi All

Seems like I'm always chasing a problem in this car. Had the CEL on for last two months related to the HPFP, which I replaced myself at the weekend. Immediately the power is back, all is well in the hood...

Until the next morning, I pull away to drive to work, as usual, and there is a judder pulling away in 1st, and similar judder when picking up at ~10mph in 2nd - like cruising in traffic speed. Up until now this has never been an issue. I do drive the car a lot, but have been really lovely to my clutch, never do burnouts, never wheelspin, and always rev-match when going down the gears, part of the reason why at 136,000 miles, this is still the original clutch.

So... Its my guess that I will need one at some point, I know that my careful driving has seen me keep this going longer than most clutches would, but again, more than half of those miles are motorway, where the clutch isn't engaging and disengaging, so mileage alone is a moot point in my view.

Few things I have read here and other forums:

1. Engine mounts. I have observed the engine whilst stationary and engaging the clutch, to see how much forward/back rocking the engine does and it is minimal. Nothing I woudl be too worried about, and I'm sure I would see more wobbling/vibration/knocking if the engine mounts were primarily the issue. This is a £20 part that I could change myself (the lower rear) so happy to do this regardless as troubleshooting

2. Contamination (oil?) on clutch/flywheel. Many say slipping the clutch to burn this off will sort out the symptoms. I have tried a bit of this (probably putting 3000 additional miles of wear on it as I did) and does seem to "help" although I can't be sure it's the answer. Don't want to continue trying this in case i'm unnecessarily putting wear on it.

3. Warped/worn clutch disc and/or flywheel. Obviously this is the answer that BMW will likely give me after a couple of hundred quids worth of their time to diagnose. I'm reluctant to get this diagnosed by them given that I should be able to eliminate these issues one by one and then just buy my own parts and get a local german car specialist i trust to do the work for me.

What do you guys think?

FUrther info:

I have no slip whatsoever. None. Only once under really hard acceleration about 6 months ago at 90mph in 4th gear have I experienced any slip, that was after an hour of driving hard.
Engine has Manic stage 2 map, but I have been driving it only on the "stock" setting for over 6 months. I only drive on the enhanced maps (about 240hp/350NM) when out and about on holiday in Europe, last time was August when I went down to south of france - supporting mods all there, bigger intercooler, akrapovic cat, colder plugs, AEM intake, bilstein shocks and Ferodo pads.

Additional questions:

Shoudl I need a new clutch, I have been advised to ditch the DMF and get a single steel or aluminium flywheel, and sprung clutch disc, and probably higher force pressure plate. Anyone done this on a 2nd Gen MCS and have feed back on driveability of these lighter flywheels in comparison? Cost is not that much more than OEM Valeo clutch/fwheel, so it seems a no brainer to upgrade for the extra torque I have.

What other troubleshooting can I do to narrow down what the cause is?

Given I have no slip at all, and can't afford the £1300 ish for replacement, what other damage can be caused by allowing this to continue and eeking it out over another few months while I save for the new parts?

Many thanks in advance all of you.
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