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2010 Mini 1.6 D really bad jerk, shunt, miss at 2300rpm

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I have a R56 1.6 diesel Mini with 88000 miles, it starts and runs perfectly, it accelerates smoothly until it hits 2300 rpm were it gives a single jerk or miss then runs smoothly up through the revs. The fault happens so quickly it doesn't register as a fault (the EML has never come on) There has been two very experienced diagnostic techs looked at it and neither have come up with any cures. So far the accelerator pedal has been swapped and the EGR valve cleaned. Has anyone had experience of this problem?
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Had similar but not in a Mini. Turned out to be a failing injector.
Hi Stu E Did the failing injector give you that single mis at a certain revs?
Exactly that, was about 1800 revs cleared itself when the revs went up slightly. Eventually injector failed and was replaced with a Euro car parts reconditioned one and that was a whole world of pain. That was 5 years ago and I've not used them since.
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