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Hi there,

This forum has been super helpful with past questions (thank you!!) and I was wondering:

Has anyone ever experienced their trunk door opening by itself while driving?

It’s now happened to me 4 times (!!), so I’m no longer considering it a strange coincidence (first time I just thought it was a funny blip; second time a valet guy had previously moved my car in the day so I thought perhaps he’d hit the trunk open button on the key fob; the third and fourth times have zero explanation, so now I’m worried!).

Each time it happens, I’m driving normally (holding the steering wheel so not messing with anything in the car), and I can actually hear the trunk “pop” open — I can hear it unlock itself. And then my warning light goes on because, of course, my trunk is open!

I’ve so far avoided any accidents but I’m so worried I won’t be so lucky next time.

Does anyone know if the trunk latch on my Mini is controlled by the FRM (footwell module?) I know there was a recall for this part in my model but when I last checked the mini dealer wouldn’t replace unless my car is displaying faults. They mentioned this could be windows, headlights, indicators, and I’m wondering if the door latches could potentially be controlled by this module??

Would be awesome if I could get it covered under the recall warranty but I’m not usually that lucky ?

Any ideas? All suggestions welcome :)) Thanks, everyone! ?
hEy did you ever figure out what was wrong with it ? I am having the same problem.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts