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2010 R55 Clubman JCW

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Hi I've just picked up the above and the rear tires need replacing. I've also noticed a slight wurring noise between 40 and 50mph which I hope is the tires if not a possible bearing issue.

I've been reading on Google and I'm sure this had been done to death but in regards to ture size, is 215/45/17 the best way to go?

The fronts are relatively recent and are 205, off the top of my head they are Avon, not sure of what the jcw was fitted with from factory.

Should I stick with the 205 Avon and put the same on the rear or look to move to a 215 tire and have all 4 done.

Thanks in advance
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Mine was Dunlop run flats 205 45 R17 fitted from factory.
Either size but I have Uniroyal Rainsports ,they are fantastic in damp /wet conditions and grip well in the dry .
They also last well,
Try Camskill for a good price mail order .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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