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I’m at the end of my rope.
Back in the beginning of May this year, my clubman s stalled at a light and would not start up. The push start would crank but not turn over. After research, it seemed like it was the fuel pump (not high pressure). I replaced it under the back seat. Still wouldn’t start.
I took the car to a German mechanic who said it is most likely the computer (DCM or DME? Apologies…I’m not that savvy), and that he could not help because “only a dealer can get the parts needed”. I towed the car to a mini dealer, who confirmed the computer was bad. But I didn’t have $3000 to replace it. took it to another place and they sent the computer out and refurbished it, but the car still does not start. So I’m in over $2000 in repairs and the car isn’t running.
this is my first mini. I wasn’t aware of how expensive it was to upkeep and repair, but lesson learned.
has anyone had a similar experience and/or a solution? My next step is taking it to a friend or a friend who I was introduced to after all this started, so I’m going to let him have a shot at it.
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