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Hello, I am new to Mini Coopers. I bought a 2011 Cooper S 6 speed convertible with the N-18 motor for my mother. It has 42,000 miles on it and is a one owner. The problem I am having with it is when I get on it, 3/4 throttle or more, basically when the turbo spools up, the car starts pulling hard to the left.
I have pulled the tires off, checked the ball joints etc. There is no play at all. All the rubber bushings and boots are clean. I checked to see if it had been wrecked and is hasn't. The car is in excellent shape all the way around and still smells new inside. But, it is pulling to the left hard and it is dangerous and ruins the experience and even though my mother had not noticed it because she drives it the speed limit and doesn't accelerate hard, if she tried to pass someone I don't want the car pulling to the left like that. The car drives straight unless you accelerate hard.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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