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2011 mini cooper s pulls to the left upon medium to hard acceleration. I am assuming it is torque steer? It has an N18 engine and 43,000 miles. I checked all ball joints, suspension, front axles, and everything is pristine. The car was driven by a female nurse and her average speed was 30.5 mph. One owner, still smells new inside.
I see there are some other posts that also say the mini pulls to the left. Could someone with a S model with a N18 6 speed chime in and let me know if their Mini S 6 speed does the same thing?
It pulls left pretty hard in 1st gear and second gear. It feels like someone has the steering wheel and trying to steer left. In 3rd gear it starts to reduce the left pulling.
My theory is that the faster you go in speed, the wheels, especially the left front tire, spins fast enough that the tire acts like a gyroscope.

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