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Hi all,

Due to the overwhelming presence of the invisible kangaroos on the Australian roads, I have decided to buy some extra lights for my mini, but I opted not to get the official ones, as they are too expensive for a secondary school student like me, so I bought a set of these:

They are 5 inch and will fit and not be overly large, so I am happy about that (to preface, I bought a pair of the cheapest HID 9 inch lights I could find, and little did I realize the lights were almost the size of the cars wheels :laugh: )

So my question is, how would I go about mounting these? I kinda have the idea that I would likely make my own aluminium L bracket for each of them, and have it come in under the grill so it doesn't look ugly, then have it bolt onto the frame behind.

my other option is, if the light mount is tall enough, I can simply just drill some holes into the front bumper to fit the lights, but I'm not sure how durable that would be in the long run

Oh, and since this is my first post, here is a photo of my mini as well!


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