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Hi all- new here.

daughters 2011 cooper was shunted on the M25 the other day. Prognosis is it may be an economic write off,

Will be considering a buy back and cash if the numbers stack up and arranging own repair.

my questions to you learned mini owners are:

It will need a replacement tailgate- are tailgates the same style/fit across the whole build period of the R56? or will I need a post LCI varient?

It will also need a bumper and the steel support as well. same question: is the steel and bumper shape common across all years? the revesing lights are in different places I think.

Lastly and this is the bit I think kills it for the Insurance company. there is a bit of deformation on the boot floor at the back of where the Jack fits, will that pull out?

It was quite a smack - should have seen the other car!

Many thanks


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