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2011 R56 now in shop...

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Hey everyone, I bought my 2011 R56 base a month ago. 10 days ago, I noticed it was down 2 quarts of oil after 2000 miles. Then at 2500 miles the check engine light came on....I went straight back to the used car dealership.

I am going to guess the oil pressure was gone because again it was out of oil. That's 5ish quarts in 2500 miles. Unacceptable!

I am going to guess that it's the PCV value flap. I have a 2 month /3,000k warranty so.... let THEM figure it out.

Stay tuned for the drama!
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how many miles are on your Mini ?? Mine has 97,000 but still runs good. But it burns oil and codes p0013 and p0015.
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