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there are two bleeds 1 n top of thermostat housing big cross head plastic screw, the other on the heater top pipe ie a black cap looking thing, thermostat housing common for failure there is a updated one with 4 pinned plug and wiring update, also the water pup has plastic impeller and can snap off, also the coated pulley can slip if coating has fallen off, also if the pulley belt badly worn and gets thinner can prevent correct drive to water pump also the electronic jockey wheel for drive belt can fail cause same issue, below link updated thermostat housing,
I guess I have had the newer thermostat installed. I bought this used and it was recalled for a water pump issue. I'm guessing they put the newer thermostat on then. So, I'm still faced with trying to bleed the system. Where is the heater pipe and the valve. I don't see it.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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