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I have a 2012 Mini Cooper s Bayswater I bought the car about 6 months ago with no problems but now it’s develped a very high pitch noise when it’s moving it’s not the breaks and it does it at 10mph-60mph very loud when pulling away from a junction it’s not the window or the breakpads ive took it back to place of purchase they have no idea what it is and can’t replicate the noise but every time I drive it it’s there and very annoying something the noise only occurs once the car is hot for excample once it’s been driven 15 mins or so does anyone have any idea please help!
Hi ,

Am sure someone here will be along to help you soon if they can. However , I might humbly suggest that a "high pitched noise" is somewhat ambiguous. . . Can you get a video of this noise in action and maybe post up? May make it a little easier to decipher.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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