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2012 R56 cooper s upgrade exhaust

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Hi guys were can I purchase performance exhaust from in melbourne?
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I think other people get theirs from the USA

Not in Melbourne

Don't people in Australia drive big utes and cars instead, so maybe don't have the market for performance MINI parts.
I got a cat back Magnaflow exhaust from these guys in WA ( Rob was really helpful giving several options. Because I'm not in a rush I got shipping for $80 because it was loaded into a container from the US with a bunch of other inventory they were getting.
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Thanks, what $ figure should I be looking at...(no need to mention what yo paid just a guide)
trouble with exhausts is the emissions design of the cat at the beginning thats where all the free flow is restricted and yes a bigger bore on the arse end of it does cause a low pressure that in theory will help very slightly to suck the gas out of the cat its tiny amount, but if you remove the cat and weld a internal bypass pipe in to the factory metal case and car is mapped correctly to delete it while still running with the legal limits of gasses at tail pipe they will never no and thats how most people do it correctly,, once thats done it can be mapped for pops and bangs etc on the over runs and well over 200bhp is common, we have been doing this for years no one has ever said hmmm dont like it or car dont feel right etc after job done..
Any luck with finding a place that can provide? I brought my 2006 JCW GP from South Africa and the exhaust needs repair /replacement and I want to find a place in Melbourne recommended by mini enthusiasts...
I'm new to the Mini world as well. I found sparesbox can supply performace gear but even with freight, duty & GST demon-tweeks from the UK is cheaper.
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