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Hello everyone,
My name is Mike and I live on a very small island out in the pacific ocean. I hope all of you and your families are safe durring this time of pandemic.
Ok to the problem: Since I bought the vehicle about a year ago, It has had some issues, of which I thought might be related to needing reprograming of the DME and CAS Unit. Since I owned the car I have replaced the Ignition coils, spark plugs, Mass Airflow sensor, and done oil changes. I also had the DME and CAS reprogrammed twice. the vehicle is a 2012 Mini cooper, non turbo R57 1.6L I believe it is a N16B16 motor. Manual transmission.

Symptoms: When cold car runs like it is supposed to with plenty of power through the RPM range. but 15 to 20 min. later, she starts to get jumpy in 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th gear when in the range of 2,400 to 3,900 rpm. 2,400 rpm to 3,000rpm she is jumpy, but at 3,000 rpm to 4,000 rpm she is hesitant like somthing is restricting the power, but at 4,000 rpm she takes off like a darn rocket all the way to 7,000rpm. As my car is a manual rtransmission, I often shift way early to stay under these RPM's which does work but of course I'm not going anywhere to fast, lol

Ok, So: I originally thought it might be the ignition as I was getting a missfire on cyl 3. I do have several obd2 tools whcih are quite good at showing all issues when the car actuall reports them. Thats the reason for changing the coils, and plugs. Fixed that issue still had issue with jumpyness. so the niext issue was when you put in the car key it had a lot of reacket noise in the passanger side fuse box from the relay, so I then had the DME and CAS reprogramed 1st time did not stay long before it happened again, but second time that issue also fixed, so now I am left with the jumyness, I replaced the MAs airflow sensor yesterday and it still does not fix the issue. so I have read that it might be a cataletic converter, or the vanos solenoid. I feel it is an Air intake issue sensor of some kind, but..... I have no codes showing any issues for this at all, and never have had since it started. I hate to keep spending money on parts just to find out its not the cause of course.

Has anyone else had these issues? that might have a clue on my next step. The car runs great other then the RPM issues. Cold no issue, hot is when the issue represents itself just as a recap. I would appreciate any input you guy's might have on this. Thank you again in advance.

Sincerely, Mike (islandog) USAF Retired / Veteran, Saipan, MP 96950
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