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2012 R60 Countryman Headlight Washer issue

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Hi new to the forum and looking for some help/confirmation of the problem on a June 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman RHD. The Zenon headlight washers work correctly but only when you start up the car, switch on the headlights then activate the windscreen washers. If you keep engine running and thereafter activate the windscreen washers, the headlight washers never work again (lights have remained on and doing 20 full cycles of windscreen washing) The headlight washer relay (located within the fuse box area at the right side of drivers footwell) is new. It appears that the ‘device’ that counts the windscreen washer activations must be faulty somehow and thus the ‘device’ cannot bring on the headlight washers again. Would this seem accurate or has anyone had this problem before ?
Q. Can this counting device or whatever it is be replaced or is it soldered into the BCM board ? I see that water seems to affect most cases of BCM board issues. However both N/S and O/S carpets seem perfectly dry. Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated before I have to put it to the dealer. Thanks in advance, Kevin.
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Did you ever get to the bottom of this Kevin? I have a similar issue in that we have never seen them operate at all, I have scoured the internet and found a barrage of different answers as to when they operate, every 3rd time, every 5th time, every time, every 10th wash, every 15th's driving me nuts.

The handbook which came with the car, says they operate "when practical" whatever that means!

Because I don't know when it SHOULD work, I don't know when to expect 12v to the pump motor so testing is nigh impossible.

Also, due to this being a legal requirement for Xenons, how can an MOT tester make them work on demand to verify their function?

Anyone with an R60 Countryman able to weigh in here? It seems the R56 etc. all work differently to this model, no two models or generations seem the same in this respect.
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