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There seems to be two ways to work with dates and times, according to the manual with the car, and it’s different if you have the Boost radio rather than the ordinary one.

I’ve been through the Boost way, and corrected the time OK. And the date was correct, except it is in the US MM DD YYYY format. I could change the individual items, but I can’t find any way to change the format.

So I thought maybe this was something on the button-on-the-stalk way; but that just offers three sequential options, A for rain adjust, Check, and Home. Rain adjust is what it says it is, how intermittent the intermittent wipe is; Check when pressed just puts up Check OK in the central display; and Home goes back where we came from.

I’ve searched the web for a solution without result, but this site seems like a good place to ask.

My wife isn’t bothered by the MM DD YYYY format; but I can’t believe that you can’t get the UK format date on a UK model car, and/or that no other owner is bothered by this.

All suggestions on resolving this gratefully received.
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