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New MINI, Same Look, Big Changes
by Craig Cole

When it comes to “cuteness” few cars can match the MINI Cooper. With its subcompact dimensions and cheerful styling this little guy is like a kitten in a teacup except it doesn’t hiss or scratch and it can’t infect you with toxoplasmosis.

But don’t let its dust cover fool you, this history book is a real page-turner; since the original debuted in the 1960s, MINIS have always been a hoot and a half to drive. But has the company sold out on this heritage with the all-new 2014 model? To answer that query we put their latest offering through its paces on the narrow, winding roads of Puerto Rico.

Obviously this Cooper Hardtop draws A TON of inspiration from its predecessor. In fact can you even tell them apart? It’s no easy task, they look exceedingly similar.

Apparently when redesigning this iconic car the company couldn’t afford to take any styling chances; its upgrades are all pretty much invisible, plus icons don’t necessarily need radical change.
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Toggles and stuff

This was a great article, but why do people keep saying things like "the engineers put the window buttons on the door where they belong" and "I hate the toggles".

I love the toggles, and I will miss the window buttons being on the centre stack. For me, THIS is where they belong.

For MINI, please stop trying to please non-MINI drivers. If you change too much of the "quirky" it will ruin the experience for me
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