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2014 Paceman Brake Warning Information Request

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New member looking for information. The brake warning light came on along with the car on lift symbol. The owners manual did not include this particular combination. Have not yet removed wheels, but check pads through the wheels and they appear to have a lot remaining, from what I can see of outer pads anyway. Also checked brake fluid level which was fine. Thought I would check here prior to taking things apart. Appreciate the help!

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I had the same issue with mine (daughter driver) though the pads were also worn as were the rear discs so I replaced discs and pads at rear then went to front and stripped those down, I found nothing wrong other than the dust boot on one caliper piston had split and that piston was sticking/seizing.

I pumped the piston right out and cleaned it up then coated with Red rubber grease, its lasted two years like that but the same problem is back so I'll be fitting a new caliper next. as they're almost as cheap on ebay as a refurb kit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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