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Installed Thinkware F800 dashcam on a 2016 Mini Cooper S this past weekend.

Install: Connected the Battery-wire to fuse 42 (for parking mode) and the ACC-wire to 51. Ground to Ground bolt on passenger side panel-to the right of the glovebox.

Dashcam works fine BUT the dash is lighting up like Christmas.

- I was unable to lock the doors with either keyfobs, but could lock from inside the door panel.
- TPMS light came on
- check engine light came on
- passenger airbag light on

(Disconnected both fuse taps and put back the original fuses in 42 and 51. But still same issues. So I reconnected the fuse taps. I do have two fuses in the tap.)

Current troubleshooting steps.

Disconnected the negative terminal from the car’s battery for 30 minutes. Car now locks with keyfobs! But still showing the TPMS, CEL, and passenger airbag lights.

I assume the TPMS will reset through the menu and will update while driving, but what about the CEL and Passenger Airbag light?

Any suggestions would be helpful and thank you in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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