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For better or worse, MINI has come a long way. While the company used to be known for small and affordable compacts, its expanded range of cars are larger than ever before and carry an equally larger price tag. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about the new MINI, and that’s how much fun it delivers.

But one surefire way to up the fun factor is to chop off the roof, especially in the gorgeous summer weather we’re seeing these days. Fortunately, the MINI Cooper S Convertible maintains all of its charm even when it’s missing its top.

Visually, it’s a bit tough to tell this generation of MINI from the last one, but once you get up close to the car, you’ll notice how much larger it is, in addition to the cartoony-looking exaggerated headlights and tail lamps. Naturally, the MINI we tested came with a number of customizable elements, including the Union Jack on its soft top. Buyers can customize the wheels and mirror caps, add racing stripes, and there are a number of extra cost paint options available, too.

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