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2016 Mini Cooper Servicing - Recommendations

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Evening all!

I was looking for some advice regarding getting my car service. In the past, for other manufacturers I have used main dealers or independents. I know that the service history is now online and I’d like to keep my service record up to date.

Could you kindly recommend options for servicing - I am around the Newport, South Wales area. The car has just done 20k and I’d like to also know typical servicing costs.
Many thanks.
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rule of thumb is when car is still in maker warranty its better on one level as service history main dealer etc helps for any claims,, after warranty just find a long standing busy garage, as busy garages tend to be busy due to doing a good job could also look for the good garage scheme for good garages on their books, link below
The Good Garage Scheme: Good Garage Scheme – Car servicing, MOTs and car repairs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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