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Mini indicates the maximum spacing between the cross bars is 28 inches (center to center) when mounted to the flush roof rails. Thule indicates 26 inches. Yakima indicates typical spacing is 28 inches but that the maximum spacing is 47 inches. I checked with a Mini dealership and they just read off the 28 inch number from the manual. Yakima's tech support confirmed their 47 inch max spacing.

I would like to haul a solo outrigger canoe on top. It is long but less than 25 pounds, so weight is not an issue. I currently can haul it on my 2009 Rav4 that has 44 inch bar spacing no problem, but don't want to attempt it with 28 inch bar spacing, more because of the stress on the boat.

Has anyone tried mounting a Yakima (or Thule) rack on the factory flush rails? Could you get it out to 47 inches (or close to that)? Is there something about the strength of the roof and where the connection points are that justify staying with the 28 inch spacing?

If anyone has experience with setting the cross bars out wider I would love to hear how it went.
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