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2017 Clubman SD (Auto) "misfiring"

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Hi looking for some pointers of where to begin looking. Was driving today and after about 15 mins of driving from cold doing about 50mph (wasn't paying too much attention as I was following slow traffic) on cruise control the car did 4 or 5 shudders as if it was misfiring. It seems to run ok from there to my destination which was about 10 mins further along the road. About an hour later, on the return journey, on cruise at 58 it did it again dropping the speed to 52 after about 5-10 mins, and then did it a further few times in the next 10 mins both on and off cruise and at around 40mph. In hindsight it may have done it before but only as a single stutter so i guess i've equated to a gear change and ignored it, this was the first time it was multiple time and cause the passenger to comment as they noticed it too.

I say its like misfiring, as thats what I would equate it too if it was a petrol, but with this being diesel i don't think its possible to misfire. I'm not sure where to begin looking. Using the onboard computer/nav system is says no faults for the vehicle status, i'm presuming if there where codes on the ECU they would show up there? Or do i need to scan it independently?

Anything i should be looking at?

2017 Mini Clubman SD Auto
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