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Hi all, this month will a sorry month for us as we are moving away from the mini brand to pastures new after being a livid fan since the very first mini came out..

we bought a new 2017 F54 (I think that's correct) December 2017 and have bought a few bits and pieces along the way..

I'm looking to sell the amazing Travall safety plus package that I bought last year when we bought our 2 pug puppies.. its been amazing as thanks to the divider you can open the door without them jumping out. its also adjustable for 60/40 or 50/50 leaving plenty of space of luggage and is a absolutely perfect fit for the clubman although expensive! the annoying thing is I need to buy exactly the same for the new car!

its perfect condition, no marks scratches, and as I say is a 100% perfect fit for the mini clubman.

cost me over £250 so looking for £125 but collect is a must from basingstoke.

if you need any information please let me know.




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