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2019 Cooper Auto, Eat my words.

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I bought a new Cooper Auto in June of last year and a few months ago out of pure frustration I wrote on here that I just had not gelled with it and could not wait to get shot of it. Well, humble pie time it is then, I have had a complete change of mind with regards to this vehicle and am now really enjoying it, why ? well embarrassing as it maybe this is down to mainly two small but significant changes, tyre pressure and driving style. The tyre pressure issue is really inexcusable, I had up to a couple of months ago been relying totally on the onboard tyre pressure readout (wrongly putting the emphasis on uniformity). The lightbulb moment came when I was required to make a journey with a considerable load and decided to up the pressures, on checking I found all four were low compared to the driver only recommended, upping the pressure to the data plate levels transformed the car, as I say inexcusable. The second was driving style, my excuse for this is that this is my first auto car in 50 years of driving and the best way that I can think of describing it is that I was trying too hard and not letting or possibly trusting the very clever box just do its thing. Months of driving pleasure wasted, but as they say alls well that ends well. What's really annoying is that with many new bikes over the years the first thing that I would do was take them home and check everything over such as tyre pressures so no excuse for this lapse, stupid boy.

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