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We have had our new 2019 Countryman S All4 for a little over a month. I must say I am pleasantly surprised.

Only issues are (so far) really idiotic decision that there is no option for heated steering wheel. Same idiocy that they did no include front parking sensors as standard. It is very low (regardless of its crossover capability) that they should be there or at least the cutouts to ease an aftermarket install. OR better yet, a dealer install that integrates into the rear sensors.

Still, having said all that, and after adding the Dinan Elite it REALLY runs great. Good in snow as well. Of course, we will be swapping out the RunFlats when they are done unless by some miracle there is a new generation that is quiet.

LED lighting is very good as are our leather seats. Very comfy. I did have to give up my android phone for an iphone so the CarPlay works and by George, it really does work well as does the touch screen. Heads up display is nice and it feels very solid. Too bad the nav from the iphone does not display on the HUD. Still the internal Nav is not bad at all.

I personally cannot figure out the rear door locks. Have to go back and unlock the car again if i do not open them first but that may just be a setting and my lack of research.

Vision is very good but I did end up getting the euro anti-blind spot wing mirrors since no Blindspot tech came with my car. Wish I had opted for the adaptive cruise control. Oh well it is a drivers car, not an autonomous vehicle.

Transmission is great, engine revs well, power when you need it, roomy and not like everything else on the street.

We had a loaded GLC300.. it was nice and you could make it get up and go but it was just not as fun...

Just one man's opinion...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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