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2020 Mini e

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Has anyone placed an order yet? I had invites to go to look at it at a dealer branch but couldn’t go and TBH I’m not that interested but if they put the same battery pack into the Countryman PHEV I would cancel my existing order for the new Land Rover Defender “90” PHEV and replace my present 7.2kWh Countryman for the higher range offered by the Mini e battery pack and keep my 1996 Defender 90 instead.
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Not placed an order but could be interested. I am waiting on a few real reviews and obviously a test drive.

dissapointed in the range to be honest and not sure long term it is right for my commute, however I can kind of understand their logic if it means they really kept that mini feeling
the trouble is battery's only get worse with age and more use, also cold weather effects them big time reduces the stored outputs, on top of this testing these products ie car makers set the mileage per charge based on a perfect track low friction road surfaces and on days with no wind etc, where real life is not like that hence why cars never do what they say to the gallon or kilowatt ,, dont think i have met anyone yet that has said they were happy with range and all that extra cost to buy them,, the new golf might change all that if vw can be believed hmmm they never done well with emissions scandal
From my research you basically need to factor in that you will actually get approx 66% of the stated WLTP figures over the winter and dependent on you driving style a little less in the summer.

All the OEMs are basically warranting the batteries to be at least 80% after 100k or 8 years. Who knows what sort of drop off will occur after that. It does mean that by a 15 year old is going to be interesting in the future - although to be honest I am finding that any with my new 2005 cooper
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