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2021 facelift

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I must admit i was a little put off seeing the new facelifted version of the Cooper S - the front grille looked a bit like it had a goatee or something (eerily similar to the bloke who designed it!) However, I was pleasantly surprised when my dealer sent me a mock-up of the “sport” spec which like the previous version comes with JCW aero kit, seats etc. I think they are hiding the detail of the rear “diffuser” in the pics. It is nowhere near as aggressive as it appears from this angle, but IMO is an improvement on what has gone before.

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When I saw the pictures of the "facelift" my immediate thoughts were very negative and when I replace my 2019 Cooper this year this 2021 has not made the shortlist. I think it looks horrible and when the 2024 update arrives it will look even more ridiculous. Probably Japanese or Korean for me next especially taking this weekend's antics into account.
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