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2104 Mini Countryman Headlights

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Hello there.

I'm new to this so apologies if i'm going over old ground.

I have a 2014 Countryman and I am finding the standard headlights to be less than adequate. I'm looking to change the bulbs out for brighter & whiter lights....Is this something that someone has done already or do I need to change the whole light clusters?

Any pointers are welcome.


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If they are standard bulb, then yes.

OSRAM and Philips both do brighter bulb types than OEM if you're not thinking of changing the headlight setup.

If the whole unit is LED, then no. Would require new clusters.
Hello there. I have just installed 2 new headlamp bulbs (Philips ones) but I’m getting an error on the dash and my lights aren’t working when dipped....if I put full beam on the bulbs work fine.

I’ve put the old bulbs back in and they work fine both dipped and full beam.

Any ideas?
What type of bulbs?

Like for like or higher wattage ones?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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