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Hello - thought I'd better pop up a newbie intro as I found my way here whilst looking for buying information on our second mini. The first belonged to Mrs PacePilot - an R52 Cooper S Sidewalk, which we had for about 5 years, but traded in as I had begun to think it was about to go expensively wrong and the trim rattles drove me to distraction...

So it's replacement is a 2013 Cooper S Paceman All4 - and despite the fact that no-one seems to hold much love for them (including this forum - no sub section?), I'm quite impressed. Usefully bigger and more practical than the R52 convertible, but still able to pick it's skirts up and get a shift on.

Within the next 12 months, I'm likely to inherit it, as I want to retire my much loved Z4 E86 Coupe to be a sunny weekend car and Mrs PacePilot wants to move back to something with a canvas roof. I'm quietly looking forward to it... ::wink::
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