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3 spoke MFSW

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Just taken collection of my new DS/B (pictures to follow, filthy at the moment)...

Can someone tell me if you can change between cd and radio on the new 3 spoke MFSW? Can't seem to be able to do this after trying every posible button!

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That really sucks! Another thing I dislike about the 3 spoker wheel. (No wonder it is cheaper than the old 2 spoker).
That really bites!!!!! :mad: :mad:

That was one of the functions that I used alot. Here we don't even get a choice of two or three spoke. We are stuck with the, apparently [email protected], three spoker. Really :mad:
its a nice steering wheel but the MF option is poorer than it was on the 2 spoke. the buttons on the rear worked much better, the ones on the new 3 spoke are too small & too closely spaced
I agree Hat, much prefer the 2 spoke steering wheel that my girlfriend has!

Not happy you can't change cd/radio.. :mad:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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