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4 Spot Lights

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:confused: Is there anyone out there in MINI land who knows if the optional dealer-fit auxillery fog/driving lights can be fitted as a set of 4 or as my dealer Sytner in Leicester tell me only as 2 lights?

I don't mind having just the 2 as I have oredered them anyway, but 4 lights give it a bit more WRC look, well I think so any way:D :D :D

Get my new Coop this week:) :) :) Indie Blue, white roof and mirrors, chilli with red half leather interior, white Daytona 16", CD boost, auto air-con, Baby seat!!! yes the missus insisted on it!!!!!, front fogs, ASC+T, Thatcham Alarm, heated mirrors and TLC.
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Hi Phil,
Let us know when you can get some pics uploaded ! I like the Indi blue, but the brochure doesn't suggest the red interior, what is it like ?
Great choice by the way...
thanks for the shout. When I went to get my test drive sorted the Cooper they gave me was Indie Blue (which I wanted any way) with the red leather interior, and it looked the biz. It is by far the best color scheme/combination I have seen, the only other one that gets close is Red with Black roof, as there is a chap around where I live with that color and it looks cool also.:)
Cheers Phil,
I like the yellow, but am concerned about re-sale. My next choice would be blue or silk green. The red interior I think looks awesome, and makes the interior look even funkier. I have read the brochures back to front and know them word perfect, but blue with red interior wasn't recommended. I though that it would look fine, so am keen to see some pics....
Still undecided on colour but have gone for asc+t, tlc, chili and maybe the 6 x cd and boost..
I would love to see some pics of that interior as well!

How does the law stand on using all of those lights on the road?
as soon as I get some shots done I'll get them online so to speak, but maybe the red interior ref:S5TB is one of the options on the chilli pack bits'n'bobs, Anyway when In ordered the car Sytner said its fine and it is down in black and white on my order form.
PS. I pick it up this friday......YE HA:D :D :D :D
My Cooper is fitted with 4 extra lights. The inner 2 come on with main beam and are fogs, the outer 2 are driving and can be swithced on/off via switch on dash. With those 4 on and main beam it turns night into day ! They are awesome VERY WRC !
did you get all 4 extra lights from the dealer, as I said at the start of this thread Sytner have told me BMW will only officially fit 2:confused:
Sorry Phil,
It's a classic mini. It's a shame they won't put on more than 2 lights. Could it be that the alternator can't cope with the extra lamps ?
Personally I'd keep the car standard. The lights look OK IMHO but don't really enhance the overall appearance.
Good call Smartbomb, I'll just have to talk nicely to the Tech bods at BMW to see if there is any 'overlaod' problems with all that extra light/power thing. Anyway the classic Cooper looks fab with all the Monte's sitting on the front grill. Good on 'yer.
Why thanks Phil !
Matyn has 2 lights on his...check out his gallery...his MINI is red tho'.
I know that my mini has as uprated alternator over the non-sportspack model.
I think that my local dealer had a yellow Cooper with 4 lights did look rather smart ! Havn't seen it for a while, so they must have sold it.
The gagrage is called Sewells, check out for their details....don't know their no. It may be worth calling them to see how it was done !
Cheers Smartbomb, will do and thanks for the help/info:)
No probs Phil,
Let me know how you get on...
I remember their yellow Cooper flashing me a while ago, and the 4 lamps look awesome...much better than 2 !
Go for it !
What, there's a WRC MINI, i've never seen it! Surely it looks more like a classic mini with 4 spots! WRC would mean a ruddy great pod stuck to your bonnet, hey you get that for the classic mini, might be able to adapt it to fit, it might even look a bit better on a MINI that on a mini too, someone should try it.

As for WRC MINI, isn't the car too short (never thought i'd post that :cool: ) They'd have to put hideous big front and back bumpers on it like the 206WRC :eek:
thanks for that. My quest being that 4 spots may make the new MINI a bit more WRC/Rally possey than Boy Racer possey if done tastefully, as the pics of 4 spots on the new MINI that I have seen on this site and in various magazines look great. Only trying to make my new Cooper look even better!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a question to Mike Cooper/BWM Motorsport - how about it then homogolate (if thats how you spell it?) the new MINI and lets go WRC rallying:D :D :D and take on those frenchy 206 Pugs?
Check out the official gallery and the pic of a clay buck of a broadened MINI. Possibly a rally contender. The car need not be 4wd, could enter the 1.6 category alongside the MGZR.
Hi Paul/Smartbomb

Sewells no. is 01279 755906 (used to work there on the horrible dirty beemer side)

sorry phil, i meant phil not paul er.... yeah.

many thanks for the 'phone number for Sewels, saves me fumbling around in the 'phone book:D
Neil....blurgh ! Nevermind 'eh ?
Phil....any joy yet ?
I have worked for a garage too, not a very pleasant experience !
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