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60th Anniversary 5 door hatch
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Hi All

I have had my 60th Anniversary 5 door hatch Cooper S for under a year and it has all been good.

I became a Mini fan when I was a kid, the guy next door use to race modified Mini cars. I wasn't a fan of the guy who raced the Mini's, but I did love those little cars.

I like my Mini though it is very different from a classic, I'm grateful not to spending every second weekend fixing the car. I also remembered how classic Mini's hated the rain.

There are a few peeves with the 5 door hatch. The arm rest is a nuisance when starting the car, and the five door is hard to get in and out of compared to the 3 door hatch which is dead easy. The pillar of the car gets in the way.

Other than that there is a lot to like about the Mini.


Mark 14
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