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63 reg Countryman Cooper SD

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Hi all,

I have the car in the title and just wanted to ask a question or two.

I've had this since Nov 2019 and cover 1000 miles a month-ish it had 34000 miles when I got it, I bought it from Mini thankfully as it came with 12 months warranty.
I had problems almost immediately having the car towed back to Mini twice in a month! which saw the car have a new turbo and DPF fitted and a couple of other things I cant remember.

After 6 months of having it I checked the oil and had to replace 3 litres to get it back in range of the dipstick. Mini have it again as we speak checking this and some other rattles and squeaks and have told me this amount of oil usage is within guidelines from Mini? Seems a little excessive to me.

Anyone else had this oil burning issue?
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half a litre to 1000 miles ish then thats fairly on par with them, its the dpf regen that thins oil down then oil gets past places easier,, if were a petrol mini they say 800-1000 miles 1 litre of oil normal,,
Ok that's kind of good news I'll just have to remember to check more often.

i wpould also say to change oil and filter every no more than 10,000 miles 8000 miles better on them, as when they do a passive regeneration of dpf filter ie they add a squirt of diesel on every dead stroke that turns the exhaust and dpf filter in to a super heated furnace to burn off soots,, the issues is this also dumps some diesels in to oil on blow past of piston rings thsi get worst on old filters as car keeps trying to regen
below link good read helps to know what to do for the best
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