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A look at 7 affordable and effective performance and visual modifications for your ride

Whether it’s more speed and power, more sound, better handling, or improved looks that convey a driver’s individuality, vehicle modification is gaining popularity, and lies at the heart of a billion-dollar industry that’s popular around the globe. Countless manufacturers have joined the aftermarket parts scene, giving shoppers nearly infinite options to customize their car, truck, wagon or crossover.

With an arsenal of upgrade parts available from mild to wild, eBay is the go-to source for aftermarket upgrades for shoppers around the world. Below, we’ll look at some popular upgrade mods for your ride, which create a big impact for a minimal price.

Read more about 7 Best Modifications for Your Vehicle.

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Would have to disagree with a few of these.

Many cold air intakes aren't. And even those that are
add very little power. Others may be worse than stock
under a hot hood. There is often a nice sound benefit.

Agree wholeheartedly with wheels, tires, suspension, and brakes


Exhaust is nice for sound, durability (stainless steel mandatory) and
perhaps a couple hp, but don't expect more than that, unless using it
with intake, head, cam, header and tune.
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